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FIT 2 PERFORM - Warminster, Wiltshire United Kingdom

◾️Classes are subject to change or cancellation ◾️


6:30-7am Early Morning Spinning 5:30-6pm Spinning 6:15-7pm Train 2 Gain - Basic Strength Training in the Gym (Non Members pay as you go £6)
6-7pm Pole Fitness with Cat **
7-8pm Pole Fitness with Cat **
8-9pm Pole Fitness with Cat **


4-5pm junior Running Club 6 -12years 5:45-6:35pm Fightercise (Boxing Fitness Class to pulsating music, using boxing equipment - Punch away stress) 6:45- 7:30pm Spinning with Kate 6:45-7:45pm Legs Bums & Abs in the Gym (Non members pay as you go £6)

6:30-7am HIIT
5:45-6:30pm CoreFitness (Specific set of exercises designed to strengthen the muscles of the Core)
6:35 -7:20 KettleBells with Kate 6:45-7:45pm Train 2 Gain - basic strength training session in the gym. (non members pay as you go £6) 7:30-8:30pm Yoga with Becky

4-5pm junior Running Club 6-12 years 5:40-6:10pm Spinning with Heidi 6:10-6:40pm Spinning with Heidi
5:40-6:25pm Legs Bums & Abs Training in the Gym (Non Members pay as you go £6)

FRIDAY 6:30-7am Early Morning Spin
5:30- 6pm Spinning 6-7pm Pilates Balance with Paula** 

SATURDAY 9am RUN in the Park Warminster (every other Saturday) FREE - Organised by Fit 2 Perform - Please contact us for more info. 10-10:45am Pump FX (strength class using Barbells & Dumbbells)

SUNDAY 9:30-10:30am Pilates Balance with Paula** 10:30-11am HIIT

**All pay

◾️ MOST classes held at Fit 2 Perform, 39, Woodcock Industrial Estate, Warminster. BOOKING ESSENTIAL. Monthly Standing Order Membership Options available ..... Single Class Only Membership £35 per month,  SMALL GROUP Gym Sessions & Class Membership £45 per month. NO MONTHLY CASH PAYERS FOR MEMBERSHIP except for first months membership payment.

***Fom 1st September 2019 ALL new CLASS ONLY memberships will increase to £35 per month. The increase for existing members will take affect from 1st January 2020***

◾️Corporate Membership 10% Discounts available. Please inquire.

◾️PAY AS YOU GO £6 (£4.50 for 30 minute classes). All morning class £5 (£4.50 for 30 minute classes) . Small Group Gym Sessions £6 SORRY only REGULAR members can use the Gym - We no longer have drop in sessions in the gym.


◾️Please message Richard Young 07870 210445 or Kate Lawes on 07788 296046 if you have and questions. Please book via 

◾️Training and Nutrition Plan (TNT56)  includes Fit Tests &, Measurements at 3 seperate intervals, Nutritional Help/Food Diary analysis, Home Workouts,*Class and Gym Membership *(while on the 8 week programme) ALL FOR ONLY £45 per month


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